Vet With Cat At Lab

Lab and Pharmacy

Since your pets can’t tell us how they feel, blood screens are our window into the health of your pet. Annual blood screening is recommended to detect early stages of disease before they become untreatable. Our full service in-house lab and pharmacy provide you with test results during your visit, as well as medications needed for immediate treatment.

Pets are not “small people.” Medications compounded for a person may not be appropriate for a pet. Always check with your veterinarian before using a human drug to treat your pet.

A word of caution when looking to the internet or discount chains for your pet’s medication needs. When purchased from the internet or discount chains, the manufacturers do not guarantee their products. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised to find our prices are competitive and often below the price of internet retailers and discount chains. Clients are always welcome to take advantage of our convenient shipping services.