Laser Results


Hayden is a “Happy Guy” This nine year old Bulldog buddy has had his share of problems! With Elbow Dysplasia his joints are so painful it is hard for him to walk, let alone stand up and lie down! He’s had a chronic limp as long as we have known him. When he “vacations” with us when Mom “Melanie” and Dad “Barry” go out of town, we put special mats in his dog run to make it easier for him to get up and down. Last time he stayed with us, we did a Laser Treatment on his elbows. The difference was night and day! We’re not kidding! When mom and dad picked him up, Melanie thought she had “A Brand New Dog!” Even the neighbors noticed right away how well Hayden was getting around. And Hayden… he can’t thank us enough!

Update on Hayden

Hayden has no sign of a limp and is now off his pain medication altogether! A recent visitor who owns three bulldogs himself was surprised to hear he was 9 years old, he thought Hayden was 3!

Melanie says “Laser is the greatest! If anyone needs to hear it from me, give them my number!”


Dixie loves her daddy!…And her daddy loves her!

Dixie is a 14year old “DollBaby” of a Lab. Everybody loves her. Her daddy Maury has always given her the best of care. When we told him we had a new way to treat Dixie’s advancing arthritis, he had her scheduled for Laser Therapy immediately. According to Maury, “The day after Dixie’s first treatment she was acting like a 2 year old puppy bouncing and moving like she was young again.

3 months later she is still doing great. I am a believer and will continue treatments as needed forever.”

According to him, “It’s one of the best things he’s ever done!” We think so too!